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One D Baby...but...

Aug 04, 2015 -- 2:03pm

So while fans are trying to overcome their denial and move into acceptance when it comes to Louis preparing to be a daddy for the first time (not like a sugar daddy, but like, uh, a father.) They had some other news to absorb today and something tells me, they might be ok with it because now they have a shot at the hottie that's really no longer a part of the group: Zayn Malik. 

News outlets are reporting that Zayn and long time girlfriend/fiance have officially called off the engagement and are no longer. It turns out he is the one that put the squash on the engagement a couple weeks ago. The couple got engaged in August of 2013 after about a year of dating - no she's not happy about it. But, it seems like Malik is trying to get his life on track the way he wants it: leaving the boys and his lady behind. It happens. He's at the prime age of "finding" himself and he seems to be doing an ok job of it so far.


Zoolander 2 Trailer

Aug 03, 2015 -- 1:09pm

Lifetime gets ready for Full House doc...

Jul 30, 2015 -- 1:21pm

Lifetime is gearing up for their unauthorized Full House movie. They're definitely trying to get the looks right, but uh, with bad wigs 'n' stuff...


In memory of Buddy.

Jul 29, 2015 -- 2:49pm

Demi Lovato broke the devastating news yesterday that her little nugget of a dog, Buddy had passed in a tragic accident. TMZ has just learned that the tragic accident was actually a coyote that snuck into her backyard at her LA home and ripped the pooch to pieces Sunday evening. 

I'll be honest, as an animal lover and a follower of this little guy on instagram, it brought tears to my eyes reading the news. It was evident from social media how loved this little guy was and it's so horrible to know what happened.

Demi and Wilmer have asked for their privacy as they grieve over the next few days. So, in the meantime, lets remember little Buddy how he always was to all of us in the social media world...


Photos courtesy of Instagram

Drake VS Meek Mill

Jul 29, 2015 -- 10:07am

Whether you've followed the Drake VS Meek Mill drama or not...this new Drake "diss" track is killer.

The short of the long is Meek started running his mouth saying Drake doesn't write his own raps...since then Meeks been booed in Drake's hometown and been heavily dissed here:

What Pet Should I Get?

Jul 28, 2015 -- 1:28pm

Dr Seus aka Theodor Seus Geisel passed away in 1991, but his legacy lives on and on and on. In fact, kids are still eating green eggs and ham, all over the land, some times with a man named Dan (ok, sorry that's getting a little creepy.) Here's the thing though, now, 24 years later a BRAND NEW Dr Seus book is hitting shelves, TODAY.

The book, "What Pet Should I Get?" was only recently discovered and of course, with that, to the printers it went. 

what pet should i get


The book centers around a brother and sister trying to figure out, you guessed it, what pet they should get. 

You can check it out on amazon HERE

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