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Oct 31, 2014 -- 11:07am

Sam Smith is cool on his own, so is Ed Sheeran. Put them together for an amazing duet of "Stay With Me"??? Pure magic.



Oct 30, 2014 -- 11:35am

The Halloween special edition...when the Backstreet Boys dressed up in weird costumes for their Everybody Backstreets Back music video...



Oct 29, 2014 -- 11:43am

Damn you, Taylor Swift. You've done it again. You've sucked me in and I  for so long have despised your existence and "oh my god I can't believe I won" expression at every award show. And here, two albums in a row that I'm like "damn, this is good." Damn you, I say! 

'1989' is in stores now...and here's her stupid new single that just as good as the rest of the stupid album...stupid Swift. =-P


My Anaconda...wants a date push back...

Oct 28, 2014 -- 10:23am

Nicki Minaj is pushing that album release date back and back again...possibly with that big ol' booty of hers. Whether it's a label call or Nicki wanting some last minute changes, the date got pushed from November 24th to December 15th. Either way, it'll be out before the years end and that "Pinkprint" could very well be in your stocking (yes, a Christmas reference before Halloween, you're welcome.)


Nicki Minaj Video Still


Where has Miranda Been???

Oct 27, 2014 -- 10:57am

After we had Miranda Cosgrove at Summer Jam back in 2011, it seemed as if she disappeared after her tour bus got into a major accident. It turns out while she suffered injuries, her career saw it's death.

She claims that due to her injuries sustained within the accident, she had to cancel the remaining 20+ dates of her tour, she lost her contract with Sony music who was banking on the tour AND lost a 6-figure deal with Neutragena. To top it off, the future touring schedule that she would've had that she no longer would, cost her another $500k+.

She's now suing for $2.5 Million and according to people viewing her case, she has a good chance of winning.


The New Face of Forever 21?

Oct 24, 2014 -- 10:23am

A year ago, we didn't even know her name...now she's EVERYWHERE. Iggy Azalea is proving just how "Fancy" she truly is but becoming the face of Forever 21. She'll be posing for the Holiday Photoshoot for this coming winter season. 

"The trickiest thing is not having any clue what you're doing," she told New York Magazine's The Cut.


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