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Say it ain't so...

Aug 27, 2013 -- 8:45am

Eminem was right, Chris Kirkpatrick is gonna get his a$$ kicked, but not by Limp Bizkit, It's Gonna be Me! (see what I did there?)

He went on a radio show yesterday morning and talked about how the N*Sync reunion came about and how it was a one time deal to support Justin. Well, that's great and all boys - but, did you see and hear the buzz?! I realize Justing doesn't "need" you, but how about you open for him, go on tour and make all your 20-50 something fans happy one last time. Is that really asking too much? I mean, really?!

Source: http://www.tmz.com/2013/08/26/chris-kirkpatrick-nsync-reunion-justin-timberlakes-idea/ 

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