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A little drive to Boston...

Sep 04, 2013 -- 11:15am

There's something about seeing your favorite band or performer in person that's unlike any other experience. A single song can take you back to a moment, change your mood, instantly make your body move with no control of your own. Whatever the case may be for you, it happened to me this weekend. I hit the road Saturday with my Mom to see Hanson at the House of Blues in Boston. Let me tell ya, the trip there was no picnic; Labor Day weekend, heading into Boston...the traffic was horrendous, the people were rude, the parking was unbelievable. It didn't help that there was a Red Sox game that day and the House of Blues is across the street from Fenway Park. Yeah, for realzies.

After parking a few blocks away, hoping I wouldn't get a ticket, sweating my booty off and waiting 45 minutes to be seated for dinner I got an adult beverage and awaited what was going to be an amazing concert. I've seen Hanson at least 10 times at this point (I've lost count) and every single time, as a fan, it's an experience. I've gone with my Mom a few times, other fans, people that only knew MMMBop and everyone always leaves impressed, happy and having an amazing time. That's what the band is all about, afterall.

After 21 years together, they're more than just MMMBop...

Highlights for me...hearing anything from their new album, "Anthem," and hearing old favorites "If Only," "Save Me" and the song that makes me feel like my grandma is right in the room with me, "With You in Your Dreams."


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