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I've About Had Enough of Miley Cyrus

Oct 03, 2013 -- 5:16pm

Seriously, it seems like these days the only things going on are the government shutting down (or more accurately being in a continued state of shutdown) and Miley Cyrus being a ridiculous caricature of a human being. I've had about enough of her, so it's time to talk about something different today: internet memes.

I'm not gonna go into detailed discussion of the nature of memes right here, but I do think it's interesting how the population of the tubes (as the internet has come to be known, if you're not familiar with the term) can take something and run with it, turning its meaning into something completely different than what was originall intended. Take this image, for instance:

The meme in question usually references some element of pop culture that’s become overexposed or played out, resulting in the “[Subject of the meme]. [Subject of the meme] everywhere.” format. This particular image references a computer game called League of Legends, which I play pretty prolifically in my spare time, but that’s not really all that relevant to the topic at hand (though if you’re interested in League of Legends or learning what it is, by all means click here). The point I’d like to make is that, though the image seems to match up with the text, in the original scene from Toy Story 2, it’s not Buzz talking about “_____.  ____ everwhere.” He’s talking to Woody about going to camp with Andy, sitting by the fire, and making “delicious hot schmoes.”

But the nature of the internet has caused that picture to be associated with something entirely different, and to be fair, it’s totally fitting. What does this have to do with anything? Well, nothing. I just find it interesting. AND IT’S NOT MILEY CYRUS, DANGIT.

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