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New Hundred Dollar Bill

Oct 08, 2013 -- 4:59pm

The latest version of the $100 bill went into circulation today, with new and improved security features and of course, more colors. Here's what it looks like:

If you're wondering about the functionality of the changes, the blue strip, inkwell, quill, and copper colored "100"  are all security devices designed to reflect different images and colors depending on how you hold them up to the light, and a watermark of good ole Ben Franklin's face still appears on the bill.

Now I, for one, hate change. I understand the need for updates security measures so that real bills can more easily be told apart from fake ones but... there's too much going on here. Pretty soon the green will be all gone, and we'll have assortments of goofy looking multicolored bills, like Canada and their stupid Monopoly money. Yes yes, in the grand scheme of things, this is no big deal, and I'll get used to it just like I get used to changes in every other facet of my life. But for now, I'm gonna complain about it, because it's new.

Although who am I kidding? I'm not gonna get my hands on many of these bad boys anyway.

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