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Britney Spears on the Breaking Bad Finale

Oct 10, 2013 -- 4:45pm

Apparently Britney Spears didn't like the series finale of Breaking Bad which, considering how universally praised it was, practically borders on un-American. In a recent radio interview, she said that the final episode was sad. I'm not a big enough jerk to spoil it here (but seriously, if you haven't seen Breaking Bad or the finale yet, GO WATCH IT ALL RIGHT NOW), so if you want to see exactly why, check out this article

Even more interesting than the article or even the quote from Britney are the comments on the page, so make sure you read them, you'll be doing yourself a favor. My favorite: "It's kind of beautiful how colossally she just completely missed the entire concept. Sort of like seeing someone poop in a sink." That's poetry, right there.

Bryan Cranston, who played Walter White on Breaking Bad, was pretty gracious about Britney's critique... even though he tweeted the wrong Britney Spears in response.

And hey... even if Britney didn't particularly care for the ending of the show, at least she stuck it out through the whole thing, unlike a mostly naked, desperate-for-attention pop star with a terrible haircut.

I'm talking about Miley Cyrus. She didn't like Breaking Bad. And her haircut looks horrible.

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