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"Friday" Now Has Two Sequels

Dec 09, 2013 -- 5:55pm

Rebecca Black's "Friday" was the most-viewed Youtube video of 2011, and now, it finally has an official sequel. Actually, make that a second sequel... the producer/perpetrator of the original made his own sequel in May of 2012. But this one has the official Rebecca Black seal of approval, because she actually made it along with Youtube star Dave Days. And it's called... yep. "Saturday."

I'm not gonna lie... it's not as good as "Friday," or at least not as entertaining. Sure the production quality is much higher, the lyricism isn't nearly as laughable, and there are a bunch of self-deprecating references to the original... but it's neither as catchy nor as fun as the first. Say what you will about "Friday," but I actually and legitimately love that song. Its awfulness was part of its charm, and this just doesn't have that, and almost feels hollow because of it. And I'm glad Rebecca Black can poke fun at herself, but it also smacks of that annoying "LOOK AT ME I'M ALL GROWN UP AND MATURE NOW, REALLY I AM" Miley Cyrus-esque vibe. I'm sure I'm in the minority with this particular opinion, but there you have it.

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