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Kanye West is Back!

Dec 10, 2013 -- 5:10pm

Kanye West has done it again. He's opened his mouth. And this time, he pulled a Tom Cruise, discussing exactly how dangerous it is to get up on a stage and perform for people. Check it out:  


"That mountain goes really, really high and if I slipped... you never know. And I think about it and I think about my family and I'm like... this is like being a police officer or something, or war. You're literally going out to do your job every day knowing that something could happen."

Yes Kanye, your job is JUST LIKE being a cop or a soldier. He goes on about how he and Kim Kardashian had to "fight for creativity," as though they are in some kind of pop culture war. I'd be offended at this if it wasn't Kanye. You just can't take anything Kanye West says seriously, even though he certainly does. This kind of self-important babble is exactly what we've come to expect from him, and considering he's basically a giant child who doesn't realize what he's saying, I just chuckle and give him a pass.

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