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"Block"buster. Yep.

Feb 10, 2014 -- 10:53am

The Lego Movie is the biggest "block" buster of the year, so far and I'll admit...I saw it. Hey! I had an 8 year old in tow at least! Nonetheless, it was a decent movie that had a lot of action and entertainment within. It's also incredibly understandable as to why it took FOREVER to be made. That had so many moving parts, literally, that I would've given up after 5 minutes of filming.

In the movie, "Everything is Awesome" is a song that the evil bossman of the community has everyone believing they love - because, well in the world he's created, he wants you to believe everything IS in fact awesome.

Turns out...this is a real song. One that you can listen to...right now...right here...click away.


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