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Prison? Deportation?

Feb 11, 2014 -- 11:11am

It sounds silly to say that someone could be deported for an act like, egging a neighbors house, but in the case of Justin Bieber it's looking like more and more of a possibility. The surveillance video, which at one time was thought to not hold much weight due to poor lighting, is becoming a more viable tool to put Bieber "away," if you will. with over $20,000 in damage is really is no surprise that SOMETHING has to happen to him, rather than just a slap on the wrist (which would be more than he's had so far in any of his legal woes.) 

According to TMZ, under the immigration laws, if someone is convicted of "moral turpitude" Immigration can deem that person inadmissible for work status in the United States...this DOES include malicious destruction of property aka what Bieber allegedly did.

So, when do we find out if this is the case? And which case will come down first 1) the egging incident 2) his recklessness in Miami or 3) his pot smoke overtaking his private jet that caused the pilots to wear oxygen masks??? All of which could cause him to be on probation, in jail or worse. 

At some point he has to learn from his mistakes, right? RIGHT?!





SOURCE: tmz.com


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