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Katy Perry Gets Stripper Fired!

Feb 14, 2014 -- 12:05pm

Ok, so it wasn't Katy's fault, it was the strippers fault. I realize that sounds like the old excuse "my dog ate my homework," but it's the truth. Fo'realz. 


Here's the sitch...after enjoying the Super uh, Big, football Game ....uh, thing...Katy and a few friends, along with boyfriend, John Mayer headed to a strip joint, because that's what rockstars do after the uh, "game." While she was there she snapped a group photo with a stripper. Said stripper leaked the photo online aka broke company policy by invading the privacy of the client and BAM! Fired! Not only fired, but fired in front of all her stripping collegues. Talk about embarrassing. I guess the big bossman wanted to prove his point. I'd say, "well played, sir. Well played."




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