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Life Worth Living...

Mar 17, 2014 -- 3:32pm

Despite legal problems, a rocky relationship and whatever else Justin Bieber has going on in his "world" he's been a writing machine over the last year. His most recent full length release, "Journals" was a bit of a musical styling change going from a poppy/dance sound to slower r&b jams showing off his soulful side. The lyrics also allowing us, the listening, inside his head a bit (whether you wanna go there, or not.) 

Now he's sharing even more new music via social media network Instagram. A ballad that may or may not be about Selena Gomez, that on and off again, rocky relationship. The 15-second clip shows Bieber maybe back on the pop path that we know him best for, showcasing his vocal talent (rather than the party side we've been seeing so much of in the media.) 

The track is called "Life Worth Living"...he may have somethin' here. Take a listen below (15 second clip repeats):



SOURCE: http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1724233/justin-bieber-life-is-worth-living-selena-gomez.jhtml

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