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Vomit = Art? Ummm...

Mar 19, 2014 -- 3:40pm

By now you've heard what happened with Lady Gaga at SXSW last Thursday and if not, I hope you're not eating. An "artist" (I use the term loosely here) Millie Brown, voluntarily makes herself throw up, typically on a canvas and calls it art. She has said she goes a couple of days without eating so preserve the color of the "paint" used. Gross.

Well, the canvas wasn't a canvas at all at SXSW, it was Lady Gaga. Covered in green vomit-y soy milk...mmmm.

Now, today, Demi Lovato is speaking out. As someone who has struggled with eating disorders, she's upset, she's livid, she's down right pissed that someone like Gaga, who her, herself has talked openly about her struggles with eating disorders, is glorifying it in a way.

Demi tweeted: "Sad... As if we didn't have enough people glamorizing eat disorders already. 😣 Bottom line, it's not "cool" or "artsy" at all." and continued, "Would you let someone bring a needle and shoot up on you? Addiction is addiction."


SOURCE: http://time.com/29006/lady-gagas-vomit-artist-defends-herself-against-demi-lovatos-bulimia-criticisms/

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