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More New Music From Another Taylor Swift Ex

Jun 19, 2013 -- 4:52pm

Harry Styles put a song out on Monday, and now John Mayer has released a new song called "Paper Doll." The fact that they're both Taylor Swift's exes is purely coincidental, but this new John Mayer song DOES seem like it could very well be about Taylor Swift. Have a listen:



Buzzfeed put together a list of reasons why it's probably about Taylor, including similarities in and responses to song lyrics, and the case made is pretty convincing. The thing I find most interesting is that, if it is indeed about Swift, the tone isn't vengeful or bitter or even condescending... it's almost sympathetic, which borders on astounding considering John Mayer's reputation for being kind of a jerk. I guess someone's got to take the high road in the serial dater world.

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