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Emma Watson's Favorite Things... You Know, In Case You Were Interested

May 28, 2014 -- 5:45pm

Have you ever just wished you had a list of everything Emma Watson ever recommended or spoke highly of on Twitter? ...well no, me neither, but thanks to Buzzfeed, now there is one. Personally I can't really vouch for probably 90% of the stuff on this list because I've never experienced it, although I can say with authority that The Amazing Spider-Man is a really good movie, so at least dear Emma and I share that interest. I do have to wonder about the person who made this list though... did they get paid to do it? Is this part of their job, to scour Emma Watson's Twitter page and find everything she ever spoke favorably about (or even mentioned, considering most of these posts are just "[Insert Song Title and Artist]" with no context)? Or is this person just some blogger who's REALLY into Emma Watson?

I dunno, but she's really attractive, so either way I'm okay with it.

Thanks for the gif, Buzzfeed

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