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Twihards are EXCITED!

Oct 06, 2015 -- 2:08pm

Twilight fans are so excited they're speechless! Who knew waking up this morning we'd get the details of a new novel from Stephenie Meyer?! Not just any novel, a Twilight related novel!

In honor of the 10th anniversary of the saga, Meyer has written a new "reimagining" of the love story, with a twist. In 442-pages "Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined" has gender swapping - turning the role of Bella from "damsall in distress" that Meyer never really liked, to see how it would be handled if the roles were reversed a bit.

The new novel is available starting today!

A Twihard's Dream! New Twilight Novel Features Gender-Swapped Tale of Beau and Edyth| News, The Twilight Saga, Books, Movie News, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Stephenie Meyer


RIP Caleb

Oct 05, 2015 -- 1:13pm



I'm not one to follow "youtube" stars, however every so often one pops for up one reason or another. Today, it wasn't a good reason and he's so young it's hard not to bring a tear to your eye.

13-year old YouTube star Caleb Logan Bratayley passed away, what seems to be suddenly on Thursday, October 1st. His familes YouTube channel does state that it was by natural causes, however an autopsy is being done within the investigation. TMZ's sources note that it was not suicide, nor were drugs apparent.

His family has compiled a video to remember Caleb, watch below.


Will Smith is BACK...to music!

Oct 02, 2015 -- 1:36pm

Check out this new track he's featured on...first in 10 years!


Sorority Selfie-fest at MLB game

Oct 01, 2015 -- 1:21pm

This is absolutely AMAZING!

Kelly Clarkson Cancels Remaining Tour Dates

Oct 01, 2015 -- 11:19am

I feel bad because I kind of predicted this when she had to cancel a couple tour dates, I think it was last month, but now Kelly Clarkson has had to cancel the remaining dates of her Piece by Piece Tour for 2015. She was to bring the tour to Canada and the UK but, due to doctors orders, she has to be on vocal rest. While she's doing everything in her power to get better as quickly as possible, they are refunding those who had purchased tickets with no rescheduled dates in the near future. Along with that, she's expecting baby #2 which will hold things up, as well.

From FOX News:

“I am truly sorry that I have to cancel the remainder of my tour dates,” she announced on her website on Wednesday. “I was so looking forward to sharing this tour with all my amazing fans in Canada and the UK. Unfortunately my doctor is telling me I have to stay on vocal rest, but I am working hard to get better as fast as possible.”

During her first pregnancy Kelly spoke, after the fact, on how she was really struggling vocally while recording her album and it was due to body changes. Now pregnanct with her next, it can only be assumed that maybe that is what's happening again. 

If you didn't get the chance to see Kelly on tour, here's something that you missed. Vocal issues or not, most of the time, you just can't tell - she's flawless. The two times I got to see her this summer, she couldn't make it fully through this song, overcome with emotion...it'll be her next single to radio. Enjoy.


Demi's VERY Confident for "Complex" [NSFW]

Sep 30, 2015 -- 10:36am

The upcoming issue of COMPLEX Magazine features Justin Bieber, but that's not important! It also includes Demi Lovato. A VERY confident in herself more than ever, Demi Lovato.

Get ready...here come the pictures:

courtesy of COMPLEX


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