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Lyric Video Alert!

Aug 20, 2014 -- 10:24am

Gavin DeGraw...the man from the Catskills...the man I've had the pleasure of meeting what feels like a million times at this point, even prior to working in this business, has brand new music! 

I'm always excited to hear what he's going to come out with next. This song is called, "Fire" - check it out! 



Chasin' after You

Aug 19, 2014 -- 1:06pm

The excitement I had yesterday afternoon was overwhelming. Why, you ask? I happened to walk to my mailbox to see a yellow manilla envelope. That's not the exciting part. When I opened it up a brand new cd appeared. It was the official comeback single for Making the Band boyband, O-town called "Chasin' After You." While I'd love to place a youtube video here with the song for you to listen to, alas, one doens't exist yet. However, I know the guys are excited about it and I think you will be too! Their new album will be released in a week...so, get ready! 

Check out this recent interview from TooFab


Aug 18, 2014 -- 10:47am

In July, I was annoyed by the Kickstarter campaign to make Potato Salad which in the end raised something like $60,000. We complain about our financial situations on the regular and then donate to something so dumb. It's unfortunate.

With that, I wanted to put the Capital Region to the test and make a fundraising goal of $1,000 - the money going to the Domestic Violence Advocacy Program based out of Mechanicville and in return, I'd also face my fear of clowns.Well, the goal was conquered and this weekend, I indeed did face my fear.

Some think it's silly that I ended up utilizing Ronald McDonald - "he's not scary!" - uh, when you have a fear of CLOWNS - ALL. CLOWNS. ARE. SCARY. Including Ronald.

Check out the video below and thank you again for all of your donations! The DV Advocacy Program will be on the show later this week.





Aug 15, 2014 -- 12:49pm

Can you believe this song came out in 1997?! 


"We Are Done"...But, Are They?

Aug 14, 2014 -- 10:30am

If you're a Good Charlotte fan, you are either thrilled that the Madden Brothers are out and doing their side project bringing you new music, or having a panic attack wondering if Good Charlotte is done for good. What I can tell you is, they claim it's just a break for now. The Madden Brothers have been in the works since 2012 attempting to get a different style of music out and while they had plans to release an album later that year, things fell through the cracks. Next thing you know, they've worked with Pharrell, along with others and have "We Are Done" flying up the charts with their official video now on VEVO.

What do you think of the 60s/70s psychadelic type of rock sound they've brought to us?



Is This It For Maroon 5?

Aug 13, 2014 -- 10:30am

It's only been a year since their last album, "Overexposed" was released to the world and it turns out the process of creating that piece was pretty rough. In a new interview, Adam Levine admits to many arguements that, in some cases, even fans witnessed, stating "we had a huge fight, it was brutal!"

Guitarist, James Valentine continued with the story: "We were having this screaming match in the hallway of the Roosevelt Hotel and this woman came out of her room angrily, to complain because it was late at night. The she recognized Adam and had a very confused response. She was all ready to yell at us for making noise and then she went, 'Oh, hey, I love you on The Voice!'"


They claim that if the arugements didn't happen, that would be a bad thing because the passion and care for the overall product wouldn't be there. With their new album, "V" out on September 2nd the band seems to be back on track. This go around, while having success at radio, it isn't their priority like their last album which they feel has allowed them to go deeper.

You can find out for yourself in a couple weeks.


Source: http://www.musictimes.com/articles/8374/20140805/adam-levine-maroon-5-overexposed-interview-v-release-date.htm

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