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KFC's Edible Coffee Cup

Feb 26, 2015 -- 5:13pm

In the biggest fast food news since Taco Bell started serving breakfast, KFC is introducing a coffee cup that is not only edible, but also smells like grass and sunscreen! You read that right, it's a coffee cup that's effectively made out of a cookie, coated with sugar paper, and lined with heat-resistant white chocolate that's designed to slowly melt as you drink the coffee. On top of THAT, it's scented to remind you of the warm and comforting aromas of a sunny spring day.

Photo via Huffington Post

There's just ooooooone little problem. This design was whipped up for the UK, and there are currently no plans to release it in the United States. Hopefully if it does well enough over there, they'll bring it stateside, because as a connoiseur of fast food (and someone who requires caffeine to function on a day-to-day basis) I have to get my hands on one of these somehow. Check out all the full story here.

Girls on Instagram

Feb 25, 2015 -- 5:57pm

You know it's true. Don't deny it. The only thing this dog is missing is the "skinny arm" or whatever it's called.

Everything Is Awesome Live at the Oscars

Feb 23, 2015 -- 5:01pm

I didn't watch the Oscars last night. I find awards shows to be long, drawn-out, self-serving, and boring. But if I had to pick 2 highlights from the highlights I heard about, they would be 1) the fact that Big Hero 6 won Best Animated Feature (it was the best movie of the year, in my opinion), and 2) this live performance of Everything Is Awesome from The Lego Movie by Tegan and Sara with The Lonely Island.

Also, in case you, like me, didn't want to spend hours of your life watching the show but are interested in who won what, you can check out the list of winners here.

Snow Pants

Feb 20, 2015 -- 4:59pm

It's Friday and I'm sick of the cold and snow. Enjoy this picture of a dog in snow pants.

Shampoo Choice Criteria

Feb 19, 2015 -- 6:27pm

A recent study has pinpointed the differences between how men and women choose their hair care products.

Kids' Career Aspirations

Feb 18, 2015 -- 5:17pm

These kids were asked what they want to be when they grow up. I don't think I would have the heart to tell that kid in the lower right corner that his chosen profession isn't gonna pay very well.

Photo via imgur

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