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I'm Just Posting So I Won't Get Fined

Jan 28, 2015 -- 5:39pm

Yesterday was the NFL's Super Bowl Media day. Marshawn Lynch, running back for the Seattle Seahawks, was threatened with a $500,000 fine from the league if he didn't show up and answer questions. It appears he was required to sit down with the press for a minimum of 5 minutes, and he did just that, answering every single question with some variation of "I'm just here so I won't get fined."

Every. Single. Question. Check it out, it's pretty hilarious.

You gotta give the guy props for his style and resilience. Get the full story here.

Cat Facts Part 1

Jan 27, 2015 -- 4:28pm

Cat Fact #1: Cactuses are more lovable than cats.

WAIT WAIT WAIT! Before you stop reading, let me explain.

I got to discussing this with my roommate after I showed her this adorable video of an armadillo playing with its favorite toy:

She asked me why the internet is so obsessed with cats when there are so many better animals out there, concluding her thoughts with "Armadillo > cat." For hyperbole's sake, I told her that even cactuses are more lovable than cats, which seems ridiculous... but then I actually got to thinking about it.

What if cactuses only have prickly exteriors because they've been hurt? Inside they're warm and juicy. Cats don't care about you or your problems, they just want to be fed and tended to. They have nothing to offer you, and wouldn't offer it if they could because they're selfish. But a cactus can save your life if you are dying of thirst in the desert.

Cats don't care. Cactuses do, they're just reluctant to open up and show it.

Which led to this exchange:

So the next time you come across a cactus, don't be like this cold, uncaring cat. Cactuses need love too.

First Kiss

Jan 22, 2015 -- 5:03pm

Do you remember your first kiss? I remember mine. Although it was less "KABLOOIE!" and more "OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD I HOPE I'M DOING THIS RIGHT."

Every Office Needs a Supervisor Like This

Jan 20, 2015 -- 5:38pm

I was just harassing some coworkers for being on Twitter at work (via Twitter, of course) when, ironically, I found this picture of the ideal workplace.

It's Not High School Musical 4, But I'll Take It

Jan 19, 2015 -- 5:18pm

Fox is bringing a live version of Grease to your TV screen in Januray of 2016, in the vein of NBC's The Sound of Music and Peter Pan. One thing Grease will have that those other two productions lacked, though: my girl Vanessa Hudgens.

Sandy & Rizzo, respectively (via GossipCop)

Julianne Hough will star as Sandy and Vanessa Hudgens will play Rizzo, which is fantastic, because that means I can now watch Vanessa in BOTH of my favorite musicals about life in high school.

Add on top of that the possibility of the return of The X-Files, and Fox is making some pretty bangarang decisions these days.

Hard Hitting Questions

Jan 15, 2015 -- 6:05pm

I found this on a Buzzfeed list of 16 Fictional Characters Google Searchers Think Might Be Real. The list itself is pretty funny, considering the fact that, based on the Google autofill suggestions, there are quite a few people out there who think that, say, Dora the Explorer might be a real person. But this search in particular raises an even deeper question:

I guess we'll never know who Chuck is, or more importantly why so many people want to find out whether he's God or not.

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